Project: La Comédie Humaine, Series: Silenced

The Project “La Comédie Humaine” is a reference to Honoré de Balzac’s work La Comédie Humaine, and my sarcastic commentary on the human condition, past and present, as we come to realize how little we are worth in the grand scheme of things, which subjugates us to its will, and how truly alone we lived in the years of covid-19.
I create a space which is not realistic. It is the microcosm of my skin, in the sense of an identity code. The human forms ensued from 17 iron matrices, shaped with acetylene flame, roughly 21 to 29cm high. I worked on both their front and back sides using the etching and aquatint methods.

Project “La Comédie Humaine”
Series “Silenced B”

Project “La Comédie Humaine”
Series “Silenced A”