Vicky Tsalamata Printmaking Studio

Exploring new horizons in contemporary printmaking.
Printmaking is a multifaceted art in the contemporary art scene. I believe that we are living an explosion of printmaking as a very prolific and lush visual language which is constantly evolving, through new narratives and a vast range of innovative procedures. In view of new social, political, ecological, historical and religious circumstances, printmaking has a preeminent position in this contemporary cultural scene and could be considered a phenomenon, reaching the limits of a new religion, enlisting a continuously increasing number of faithful followers from among visual artists.

The exchange of knowledge and expertise in printmaking is very important. As we live and create art in a reality which is perpetually in motion, a new sociocultural attitude is being formed, shaped by modern codes, while its most distinctive feature is the transition from the private to the social, from introversion to extroversion.

An important factor for the evolution of printmaking is the way present day artists look into the world. New printmaking images today refer to print installations, printed works in space, combination of printed matter and digital imaging, videos, print animation, photography, sound, motion. This is the pluralistic visual aspect of modern era printmaking.

Vicky Tsalamata Printmaking Studio is a private printmaking studio, established in 1991, in Glyfada City, a suburb along the Athens coast, owned and managed by Vicky Tsalamata. She is Emeritus Professor at the Athens School of Fine Arts. Since 1999 she was Head Professor of the Second Printmaking Studio, of the Athens School of Fine Arts, a high standard Print Studio for experimental and innovative printmaking, including non-toxic and digital practices.

Her international artistic practice consists of expanded print, international exhibitions, art projects and educational-collaborative workshops followed by curated exhibitions. She made thorough research into the innovative expanded Printmaking art through new technologies and innovative procedures, on Non Toxic and Polymer Printmaking, combined with Digital Technology. Her work is expanded also in print installations and experimental video projects. She has been Invited Curator and Jury member in numerous international print exhibitions and art symposiums. Her work has been shown in numerus invitational and juried International Biennials and Triennials, around the world.

In her studio she is experimenting on new forms of expression, experimenting with new ideas and possibilities of innovative expanded printmaking, combining intaglio and digital process, on metal and polymers plates, polyester lithograpgy, acrylic printmaking and water-based intaglio, print installations, exploring new horizons in contemporary printmaking.

In the studio there are available two etching presses, with etching bed: 150×200 cm. and 50x100cm. for intaglio, relief printing, and polyester lithography. She has a focus on many aspects of exchanging knowledge in printmaking, including workshops, talks and presentations of portfolios of national and international artists. The studio is only used by members and guest artists. This extroversion of printmaking today is the main reason of its rapid evolution.