Numismatic Museum of Greece Medals of the Greek Revolution” Exhibition

“The Ark of Light and Memory”

My work “The Ark of Light and Memory” was created especially for the Anniversary Exhibition “Medals of the Greek Revolution” organized by the Numismatic Museum of Greece, as part of the events commemorating the 200 years from the Greek Revolution 1821.

The exhibits are inspired by a series of twelve commemorating historical medals from the Numismatic Museum collection, having as their main theme the Greek Revolution of 1821, which were created by the official engraver/medalist of the Greek Mint, Konrad Lange, during the period 1836-1845, to celebrate the wedding of the King Otto of Greece and Amalia.

My interest was focused mainly to the maxims engraved on both sides of these twelve historical medals of the series, and with my work I seek to highlight the importance and purpose of such maxims, which encompass the will for fight, the righteousness and the Christian faith, within the social and political context of the time.

Installation 2000 X 2046 cm. 

Technique: 16 laser cut texts, cardboard, wooden bases.

June 2021